Ciao. My name is

Federico Sapucci.

I do Branding, Web design and Webflow development.

Personal project

I have many interests, many of which I often try to intersect with my designer mind, Whether it's sports or a new language I'm learning in my spare time, these personal projects help me discover new tools and skills that can turn into useful knowledge or remain simple fun activities.

About me

I grew up in Rimini, a tourist town on the Italian coast, where they teach you to welcome people even before you learn how to walk, but I've spent most of my twenties traveling around Europe playing Ultimate Frisbee, which is one of my biggest passion. I've been practicing and coaching this sport for 10 years now, and it made me realize that design projects are like championships: each of the assets must be managed to enhance the strengths and compensate the weaknesses, then teamwork, methodology, and practice make them perfect.

I've chosen the design path because it's the best way to materialize in the real world the ideas that were once only inside someone's mind. I've graduated as a graphic designer, but learned early on that problem-solving and strategy are the design's true core, and what I really care about. Following my motto "Copy, modify, and combine", I am now a curious designer seeking every field of knowledge for connections and contrast, in order to build meaningful identities and experiences.

Work experience

Neri S.p.A., Cesena – IT

Graphic designer
2015 – today

Neri is a lighting manufacturer, I am responsible to make the brand consistent through each company assets, needed by every branch of the company, located across the United States, Europe and India.


Brand and graphic design
2015 – today

I’ve designed visual identities and advertising for start-ups, businesses and events especially in the sport field, both for local and national organizations.

Libera Società del Frisbee, Rimini – IT

Graphic designer & Communication manager
2013 – 2021

LSDF is a sport association. I’ve created the visual identity, and managed social media communication, design advertising and teams sports materials.

Fabbricando, Cesena – IT

Graphic designer (internship)

I’ve worked on design packaging, advertising, product photography, photo retouching, social media, mockups, presentation decks, and case studies.


Master's degree, UI Design Master

Talent Garden Innovation School‍‍

Webflow Masterclass‍

Flux Academy, online course

Bachelor degree in Industrial Design

UNIRSM, San Marino – RSM‍
2011 – 2015

Skill set

Strong working knowledge of:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Figma, Webflow, Miro.

Familiar with:

Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD, InVision, Excel, Google sheets.

Web tools:

Research, Social media, CMS systems, Newsletter client, Facebook ads.


Video editing, Photography.


Italian native
English fluent
Japanese beginner

What I do

Web design

A good website has a message to spread, a goal to achieve, and a stunning appearance. I use a design thinking approach to bring these three aspects together and UX and UI to plan the site’s structure, making the user journey as smooth as possible.

Webflow development

In order to speak the developers' language and occasionally code my own web projects, I learned Webflow, a no-code development platform designed just for designers.


I design brands that want to make their values resonate with those of the people they are addressing, and who want to see those values reflected in their actions and representations. Because people don’t look for convenience or fashion, people look for feelings and experiences.

my portfolio

Like what you see? Websites are cool but I know sometimes it's best to look at things when they're printed and laid out on a table. Which paper format does your printer prefer?

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