Libera Società del Frisbee.

Rebranding the growing Rimini sport disc association. New goals call for a new identity.

Libera Società del Frisbee – aka LSDF – since 1978, works on the development of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in the Rimini province. Among the most titled Italian societies, and one of the first promoters of the National Frisbee movement. In the latest years, LSDF has seen a really great growth of its members, and with it, its responsibilities and needs have grown too.

The primary goal of the rebranding project was in fact to provide the necessary tools to interact with the numerous institutional bodies with which it relates for events and training courses.

Libera società del Frisbee
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The main problem with the old logo (on the left) was it being too static, as it was used mainly on sports equipment and team jerseys, and almost always resulted out of place. And what's more, it lacked all the corporate identity to use for institutional communications.

Keeping a link with the old one, the new logo (on the right) is more dynamic and more suitable to be reproduced in large formats, like on disc and on wearables.

Identity has two main goals in relation to two different speakers:

  • The institutions, to which society must be presented as serious and professional (not easy considering the low consideration Ultimate Frisbee sport has in Italy);
  • The member athletes, who have to identify themselves with the symbols and colors that they will wear from now on.

In addition to the institutional logo, another one was designed to create a stronger bond between the teams and the city. This one in particular, with its 'sporty' look is the one that is then printed on the  game and training uniforms.

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