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Curating the graphic department of a premium lighting manufacturer.

Neri SpA is a leading company in the lighting and street furniture fields. Based in Italy, it has branches in the United States, India, United Arab Emirates, and France too. Its products are present all over the world and, in particular, in some of the most historically and urbanistically meaningful locations, such as Paris, Venice, Dubai, and London.

Project overview

The projects presented here are part of the daily work that takes place within the Neri’s graphic department, and have given me the opportunity to range across many fields of design: packaging, websites, bochures, presentations, T-shirts and so on. Here I am in charge of keeping the company’s identity consistent, but mostly this work involve satisying the different department’s needs, and made me realize the issues that sometimes arise inside a corporate and trained me to overcome them.


Neri SpA
Graphic design


Art direction, graphic design, web design, packaging, editorial design, photography, video editing

The photographic catalogs realized in 2015 represent the 5 business lines of the company: Lighting, street furniture, Structures, Bespoke, and Restoration services, each one marked by a specific color. On which I worked on pagination and pre-production process.

Another fundamental tool is the product brochures, which - unlike catalogs - are the fastest to be reinvented and reorganized to follow the technical updating of products and the visual needs of the reference market. At the beginning of 2019, a rebranding of these was carried out, associating a specific color and paper to each product, which is then associated with a pattern printed inside the front cover, realized by playing with the silhouette of the main products.

The company also owns a historical foundation and a museum, the Fondazione Neri Museo Italiano della Ghisa, for which I had the opportunity to take care of the pagination of some issues of its magazine, Arredo&Città, and redesign the magazine's website.

When the size of the product allows it, some photographs are also taken internally, within a photographic set. The same pics that, once edited, are used within all company assets, from brochures to online presentations.

Project photographs © Antonio Neri, Neri SpA

In 2017, on the occasion of the nomination of Lang lighting fixture and the Brenta Concrete Collection for the German Design Awards, I was responsible for making both products presentations to be sent to the competition, since it would have been impossible to send each product physically. Fortunately, the presentations were able to faithfully represent the products, so much that they both won the prize.

The exhibition set-ups have also been a big part of the work of these years: information totems, wall signs, and real infographics to present products and projects at their best.

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