Libera Società del Frisbee
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Libera Società del Frisbee – also known as LSDF – is one of the biggest and oldest disc sports associations in Italy, and since 1978 promotes the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in the Rimini area. Counts more than 300 players and its teams, which also made a name for themselves around Europe, are among the most titled in Italy and an important reservoir for the Italian national teams.

Rebranding the growing Rimini sport disc association. New goals call for a new identity.

project overview

In recent times, LSDF has seen a great growth of its members, and with it, its needs and responsibilities grew too. The branding project saw two main objectives: to become authoritative in the eyes of the institutions (not an easy task considering the low regard for Ultimate in Italy) and to make new and old athletes fond of the renewed identity and organization.



The old logo had a problem: it was too static, as it was used mainly on sports equipment and team jerseys, often resulted out of place. Keeping a link with the old one, the new logo is more dynamic and more suitable to be reproduced in large formats, like on discs and wearables.

The association completely lacked the corporate identity for institutional communication, so I designed the basic tools needed to present itself: a digital presentation to be sent to possible sponsors and partners, promotional flyers, acting like business cards, and letterhead.

Redesigning the website was a big step in the project. Designed and coded from scratch using Webflow, it was specifically thought to be completely editable by the users, as it has a fully customized CMS system, tailored around the association’s needs.

Sports logos

In addition to the institutional logo, I've designed two other sports logos to be printed on the official jerseys and training uniforms, as they bring the name of the city with them and serve as a means to link the identity of the association and its players with its provenance.

The official tournament uniforms carry the association colors, with a diamond pattern on the shoulders, representing Rimini beach's sand where most of the players started playing the sport.

Since the association's teams already had an identity defined by different names and colors, it was decided to maintain this link with the past by designing a common template that can be customized according to the specific team, but still recognizable as a member of the same sports association. A jersey to be added as a third shirt along with the other two.

Finally, the clothing continues with the training double-faced tank tops and the shirt made for the rookies.


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