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here’s my work so far, hope you like it! otherwise, do me a favor and tell me why:

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Silvia Albani

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A slow paced sustainable brand for women


Portas Jewels

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Non gioielli che riflettono, ma gioielli per riflettere

UI – identity


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Amet in ducimus voluptas aperiam velit quas aut delectus quia. Veritatis dolorem consequatur.

UI – Identity

Trouble Under

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Porro nisi iusto cumque. Commodi et aut perferendis cum iusto numquam id est.

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other stuff i do

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My work is not always about UI and digital design. Classic graphic design and branding was, and occasionally, still is the perfect gym to practice and develope visual skills.

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Learning Japanese on Instagram.

Graphic design
Neri SpA
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Curating the graphic department of a premium lighting manufacturer.

UI – Identity
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Rebranding the growing Rimini sport disc association. New goals call for a new identity.