Paganello 2019

Branding, graphic design
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Paganello is a Beach Ultimate tournament held every year on Rimini beach on the Easter weekend. Paganello is actually the first Beach Ultimate tournament ever organized in history, as the beach declination of Ultimate was born with it.

Branding the 2019 edition of the very first World Beach Ultimate Cup.

project overview

As it is one of the biggest tournament of Europe and the World, Paganello growth to be more than a simple tournament, it is an actual event that involves not only the player coming from all over the world but also the entire city, with parties, food stands and attractions throughout the weekend. Every year the tournament changes the theme and every year it needs a coordinated look and set up. 2019 was the year of Kung-Fu.



Paganello is actually a little fish who swims in the Adriatic Sea, and it is represented by the beautiful logo designed in the early 1990s, by Marina Turci, and works as the main logo, but every year changes a bit, depending on the theme. A common practice among Frisbee tournaments.

The Identity usually starts from the event poster and includes merchandising, Frisbee and T-shirt. The most particular objects made in 2019 was certainly the ‘medals’: gold, silver and bronze discs custom printed for the tournament to become a beautiful prize.


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